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URGENT MESSAGE! Defeat your hopeless, unwanted negatives and diminish your depression once and for all without having to fear...

"How To Re-Direct Your Negative Thoughts Using  The Law of Replacement To Extract Positive Energy From The Universe and Discover Who You Truly Are & Achieve Positive Results  In Your Life"


 Here's A Capturing Moment with Darlene The Business Community Development Manager at Barnes and Noble In New York Who Supports The Undiscovered You At The Book Signing Event!

Joseph Mercado-Darlene Dexter


The Undiscovered You Book

Regardless, If You're Struggling With Your Emotions,   or Inheriting Stress from Having A Bad Day... Get Ready To Replace Your Negativity By Simply Using One Untold Law From The Universe and How It Works...

Do You Have What it Takes to Create a Mind of Motivation through the Influence of Experiences In Order to Gain Clarity?

Who Else Wants To Minimize Stress and Feel Better About Life?

If you want to be introduced to the most best kept ingredient since sliced bread, then GET READY to quickly diminish your personal, family, and, or business problems!

Despite the amount of bad things that happened to you in the past, your tactics for bettering your life are stored inside this letter. Therefore; you must pay close attention, for it's imperative to your bottom line of influence while removing any self-doubt and negativity from your life!

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The 'Heal Your Negative Thoughts' process is so easy that my 15 year old cousin Lindsey can apply the methods of thought to life!

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If The Undiscovered You doesn't motivate you to become a 'better you...'

I'll personally give you 100% of ALL your money back and you can keep ALL of the information!

And to make it clear up front, there is a fool-proof system in line; so don't even think about finagling a freebie... You must have a legit reason as to why you're not positively influenced.

Here's the math to prove it....


Blue Arrow Down

I Absolutely, Positively,  (without any frac/tion of doubt) --->Guarantee It!

Every day we walk through the streets of both good and evil. The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts can and will help guide your negative thoughts into a positive direction. This is achieved by converting your negative fears into positive faith. Mold your thoughts into academic achievements to further the intuition within your mind!

Here's A Testimonial From Danielle S. Regarding The Undiscovered You....

Danielle Schiano 

"I want to congratulate Joseph Mercado on his new  AMAZING book he just sent me via email! Your insight and inspirational quotes are motivational and will help millions of people. Here is my favorite quote is: "To let the light enter into your life, remove the blinds from your eyes, open the window of optimistic view and allow the breeze of opportunity to connect with your abilities." -Danielle Schiano, Math Teacher, Holbrook, New York 

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Here's Jillian Weston, Social Media Expert & Educator Who Came To Support The Undiscovered You At Barnes and Noble and Received A Personally Signed WorkBook - Thank You Jillian for Claiming Your Guide To Positive Thinking!

Joseph Mercado-Jillian Weston

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From the desk of: Joseph Mercado

To: Friend

Re: The Undiscovered You

Date: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at 5:27 p.m.


Joseph Mercado-Profile Pic

Dear Friend,

You've either found this website from researching the net, recommended by someone you know, or given the link directly. Regardless of how you got here, let me get straight to the point...

As a result of conducting personal interviews with people and professionals throughout the past 20 years, it has come to my attention that too many individuals are suffering from negative thinking and emotional disturbances.

Acting on negative thoughts is depleting the population on earth and corrupting humanity. It is believed that these prime factors are hindering your purpose in life.

Here are your  3 immediate examples that hang off the tip of my membranes when it comes to negativity causing illnesses such as depression....

Example #1: The stock market is so unstable, people around the globe are choking up to their necks. The monetary loss is creating anger, which leads into danger, and results into negativity. Wouldn't you agree?

FaceBook Proof 53

Example #2: People are entertaining the wrong ideas from inside the mind such as thinking negative thoughts and then follow through with negative action. It could be doing harm to yourself, or to others, saying something disrespectful to hurt someone's feelings, or making a bad decision in business resulted from a lack of experience or out-right greed. Do you agree?

FaceBook Proof 50

Example #3: The television promotes too much junk and jargon exposing lies and negative waste, and completely non-educational to individuals, especially the youth. Are we on the same page yet?

If you just said YES three times then continue reading.

And if not, go back and re-read the above 3  examples and questions.

Let's face it, the ultimate killer in life is...

Yup! You guessed it... S-T-R-E-S-S!

Stress is the number form of destruction that will keep you from being productive at home with your family, at work, or when you're alone looking to seek inner peace.

It's obvious people are murmuring, complaining, and whining. They're mind boggled and think abruptly when it comes to difficult matters in life.

You end with a conflict called self-sabotage. This can lead into multiple forms of negativity within your emotional states. The side effects can cripple your opportunities to success.

I can only imagine what's going through your mind right now....

In fact, let me ask you this question.... Are you all that happy and joyful when you're by yourself, or with your family, or in the office? And do you honestly love life as of right now?

Can you truly handle your personal, or business issues with all the negative thoughts funneling through your head?

Now is the time to quit entertaining the wrong ideas and avoid using excuses to make things right that aren't right. Stop rationalizing and start implementing!

Separate yourself from the common problems and be unique by being a problem solver, not a problem creator. I learned from a sincere, bright network marketer named Greg Provenzano during a public speaking convention in San Diego, California back in December of 2010...

"You must not share a common past with people, you must share a common future." -Greg Provenzano

This man has a great mind of influence and highly encouraging as a Co-Founder of a $500 million dollar direct marketing organization. His positive thought input spoke volume through his integrity and made a lot of sense.

Focusing on what happened yesterday will only keep you from progressing in the now, not benefit you in the latter days to come.

You have to know when to push aside the outside world and its political issues. It's nothing but extensive hype. Instead, focus on the inside world which is you and your lifestyle.

Now, let me ask you two other serious questions....

1) Has there been someone or something that has a left negative impact in your life and it still affects you today?

2) And does it keep you from being the best person you can possibly be?

As a result, you find it difficult to think positive or be self-motivated.

Not to mention, you'd like to become free of ALL fears and prevent yourself from falling into the pits of distraction, traps of deception, and teased into a mind of destruction.

Guess what? I have a positive solution  for you.

But before you continue and find out the untapped law of life...

First, Ask Yourself The Following  (15)  Self-Help Psychology Questions and See For Yourself If You Need Help In Your Life No Matter Who You Are!


  • Question Man

  • Do you believe in yourself? 
  • Are you willing to face your fears and positively represent yourself? 
  • Do you pay attention when your undivided attention is needed? 
  • Have you ever allowed negative thoughts to get the best of you, or the best out of you? 
  • What would be one habit you would absolutely change about yourself for the better?  Is it fear, procrastination, thinking negative, or a pet-peev that gets to you and others? 
  • Who is the person you truly want to become? 
  • Are you surrounded by positive people and positive energy? 
  • Do you treat people with respect including yourself? 
  • How many times have you been oblivious to a solution you knew would solve a problem? 
  • How often and easily do you get distracted? 
  • Are you confused about your life in any way, shape, or form? 
  • How much potential do you think you have as a person in life? 
  • What inspires your mind to think positive? 
  • Where has your path in life taken you so far? 
  • When was the last time you helped someone? 

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Kristin Kistler Testimonial


How many of the above questions can you can relate to, or need help with?

For once in your life, be honest and answer yourself truthfully.

There's an old saying by Abraham Lincoln.... "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." Another words, don't fool yourself or anyone in your life.

If you answered YES to at least (1) of the questions above, you're destined to find out why The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts is meant to inspire you and help you become a better person.

Know this, the laws behind The Undiscovered You reveal the principles and teachings behind the iron curtain of the universe. Please understand, this is not some 'wanna be' secret stuff you read in other self-help quote books.

FaceBook Proof 70

I've been keeping my underground tactics of intellectual information hidden for nearly 20   years. Now, I feel we are in critical times where it's necessary to let "the cat-out-of-the-bag," open the cob webbed tomb of knowledge for you to see with your own eyes.

You will find out the truth, it's what you need to know as a human being.

Who else is going to tell you?

You can think of a million excuses why you should 'X' out, watch the same old boring news of lies, play your favorite on-line video game, delete the Spam in your inbox, or completely ignore the purpose of this exact moment of why you're here.

That's fine, if you want to miss out on living a positive lifestyle and rather have stale results--then go right ahead. But don't you think it's important to know why you're having the problems you do in life? You may think you know, but choose not to do anything about it. This can only go on for so long before you feel like you're about to break.

The objective with Healing Your Negative Thoughts is to help you convert negative thoughts into more positive energy. Learn how to exceed your mind-set to upper levels of excellence by extracting good energy from positive people, places, and objects within your surroundings. It will help you discover more successful ways at enjoying your life. Reading books will help you too.

Personal Development books are the largest growing sections in almost every major book store on the planet. There's a reason for that. It's because people like you need help and want to improve your thoughts.

FaceBook Proof 63

Creating both a positive change and a happier difference to your life as a person is a choice and did not happen by chance. It can only increase the relationship you have with yourself, your family, your friends, your business partners, and the people you're surrounded by.

So many different means of information are available from educated leading speakers, successors, coaches, mentors, multi-millionaires, and every day people who have experienced both sucess and failures in life.

The knowledge inside The Undiscovered You is here to help you overcome your fears.

There are eight processes that make up your daily living.

Your (8) processes of life include:

  • Your Energy 
  • Your Thoughts 
  • Your Habits 
  • Your Behaviors  
  • Your Words 
  • Your Actions 
  • Your Results 
  • Your Reality 

Reading  The Undiscovered You is designed to plant a good seed and achieve positive results in your life. It's up to you to digest the material you are fed with. Allow the information to grow into a beanstalk of abundance. The abundance I'm referring to is your thought power.

The way you think, the words you use, and the actions you perform, all reflect the life you live. If it doesn't start in the mind, then how can it lead into anything else?

Personal development takes spiritual and mental discipline. Balancing your emotions for good health is key. The truth is, you want to become a better person, but you have to want it. You must be hungry for happiness, hungry to achieve more success, hungry for financial freedom, hungry to have more positive friends that are like-minded, and hungry to feel good about yourself, starting right now!

You must change your negative thoughts in order to better your life. There's an old saying I learned from going to church; "You can't have one foot in, and one foot out of the boat." Otherwise, you'll have no stability, be tangled in confusion, and not be rooted in your spirit, nor your mind. This is what causes emotional imbalances.

FaceBook Proof 95

You must also understand that life and the information you're given are the two most valuable commodity items throughout human existence. Positive information is what you need to make rational decisions to live well. Whether you realize it or not, most of your solutions are sitting right under your nose.

You inhale the aroma of positive influence, but you somehow ignore the taste in the air. This cannot take place if you're seeking improvement. Did you know that 72% of people I've come in contact with pass up positive information? The balance of 28% actually do something about their downfalls. Yes, this is an approximate statistic from personal experience.

According to recent studies, 67% of people become self-helped through the stories of people who have gone through the trenches, stormed across the battlefield of life, and resurrected from negative problems. You can be helped simply by the proper usage of re-directed energy.

Something such as metaphor's can help bring out the real-time situations that paint the picture on the canvas of your mind. You may deal with severe difficulties in life. As a result, you may not know how to face the heat and execute the fire. The Undiscovered You will teach you how to put the fire out. Avoid burning your opportunities with your negative thoughts.

 FaeBook Proof 10

But Wait! Before You Enter IntoThe Undiscovered You,  Find Out Your  (6)  Most Common  FAQ's Answered To Help You Better Understand The Purpose of This Book:

 Frequently Asked Questions Dice

1) Who Uses The Undiscovered You?

Who -  First, you will need to understand who the people and, or business minds that use personal development information to help with their practices of living.

People such as;

  • Entrepreneur's 
  • Authors 
  • Public Speakers 
  • Teachers / Coaches / Trainers 
  • Home Based Business Owners 
  • Sales and Marketing Teams 
  • Network Marketers 
  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses  Owner's
  • Corporate Executives 
  • Employees  
  • And People Who Think Positively or Negatively 

The  10 above mentioned categories of people and businesses are primary sectors who thirst and quench for an increase within their stages of personal development. (Keep reading and you will discover more people who use positive information.)

FaceBook Proof 42

For example: If you have negative problems trapped inside your mind and bring them home, or to work; expect self-  sabotage to rob you.

It will also negatively affect your ability to increase revenue in your life. Carrying negativity will cause you to lose your business or get you fired from your job.

You may already use personal development tools as a guidance or a remedy to help you. If you're a person who connects with any form of emotion towards your daily objectives, Healing Your Negative Thoughts is a must read.

FaceBook Proof 88

2) What is The Undiscovered You?

What  - Second, I would like to break down and define for you, what exactly is; Self-Help Psychology. This is a portion of Healing Negative Thinking.

The following (3) definitions have been extracted from  :

A) Self - a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality. It also means a person's nature, character, or personal interest. (from

B) Help - to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; or assist. It also means to save; rescue; succor; to make easier or less difficult; contribute to; to facilitate, to relieve (someone) in need; sickness; pain, or distress, to remedy, stop, or prevent. (from

C) Psychology - the science of the mind or of mental states and processes; the sum or characteristics of the mental states and processes of a person or class of persons involved in a field of activity; the science of human and animal behavior, mental ploys or strategy. (from

Self-Help Psychology - a conglomeration of self, help, and psychology  joint ventured into one accord. Solely providing you with the term self-help psychology; a proven technique of the mind demonstrated by transition negative thinking, mended with positive influence, and positive energy re-birthed into metaphors. These are combined with methodologies that work together inside the development of a quotation. The exportation of intelligence within this thought process based on the keyword self-help psychology, is created to provide you with Keywords of Influence to support your mind, body, and spirit though psychology and comprehending the various principles in life. (from Personal Conclusion)

3) When must you exercise The Undiscovered You?

When  - Third, you need to know when self-help is to be used. This exercise of disciplinary act is to be demonstrated inside your personal, family, and, or business matters. An example would be changing a negative habit into a positive habit. You can help yourself and people by converting energy waves.

Negativity cannot be destroyed, only transitioned into another state. It's a scientifically proven fact. Replacing negatives with positives is daily practice, not when you feel like doing it. Your skill of replacement is to be used in times where transgressive influence invades your personal space.

4) Where does The Undiscovered You take place?

Where  - Fourth, is the location whereas your self-help is required. Healing Your Negative Thoughts takes place inside your mind. It's imperative to properly use your internal, cervo mechanisms such as your brain and your heart when changing habits for the better.

Think of your brain as your central processing unit. Think of your heart as the H-2-O supplier; feeding your organs with oxygen through it carriers. Remember, self-help takes discipline, energy, and obedience. Use it wisely, precisely, and orderly-providing you with a supply chain of life.

5)  Why The Undiscovered You is important to you?

Why -  Fifth, is the famous keyword question of all-time. Why do you need self-help information? Your energy from within, explains the energy from without. If you're not motivate to influence yourself, you'll exclude the privilege of influencing your family, friends, business partners, or co-workers.

6)  How does The Undiscovered You benefit you?

How -  Last, but not least is the sixth and final question. How will self-help psychology benefit you? The reason how self-help thinking will benefit you is because it properly allows you as person to better understand the ways and acts of the mind. The Undiscovered You will teach you how to heal your neagtive thoughts into positive influence through positive energy resulting in positive actions.       

Facebbok Proof 94

You may be wondering how the FaceBook postings began. The postings started in November of 2008 around the second week. After receiving great feedback and comments from family, friends, and business partners liking certain quotes of inspiration, the idea of creating a personal development quote book is what came to mind. It was like a thought cloud instantly popped out and suddenly appeared as a tool for people.

Well, a 65 page book turned into a 500 page manuscript and lead into a 1200 page book series. In the event of coming up 1 quote per day, sometimes up to 7 quote, a 12  Book Series. The mission is to create an encyclopedia of inspiration. Knowing that hundreds of self-help quotations reflecting positive influence, I thought of how many hundreds and thousands, even millions of people can benefit from them. The energy released based on the positive in-take from another individual is an amazing exchange of positive collaboration.

It's somewhat mysterious how a single quote can morph into a forest full of positivity. The truth of the story is that I was an unemployed entrepreneur looking to fulfill my dreams. I didn't have much time to do it, nor did I have the finances to publish through an outside company. I ended up learning on my own and figuring out how to make it right.

So on that note, I invested my time in  The Undiscovered You. I acted as if I were on my own payroll, running a publishing business which I ended up establishing. The 14 to 18 hour days for nearly 14 months, including weekends, would soon wear me out. This excluded the extra hours looking for part-time work to make extra money.

And yes.... I deprived myself of sleep because of the determination. Without good sleep, it's hard to succeed. I sacrificed not going out with friends and spending money foolishly. The reason is because I wanted to become a successful, self-published author by helping others. The vision is to see people delivered from their negativity.

Here are Two Satisfied Customers from Barnes and Noble from The Book Signing Held On Saturday, January 30th, 2016 and Claimed The Undiscovered You As The Solution for Their Son & Grandson Who Is Struggling with Addictions:

Joseph Mercado-B&N Customers


As an author, searching the Internet for an editor was imperative and needed one immediately. I knew I couldn't be a writer and an editor at the same time. I had to hire someone with expertise and knowledge in the area. My next step was to build up some cash to pay the editor.

I started selling things in my apartment, things of value that I didn't need anymore. The stuff I thought was junk, was a treasure to someone else. Selling products on-line is where I hustled to make money. One avenue was eBay. Another channel was Craigslist, Google Ad Sense, content sites, and offering my writing  services to website owners. Towards the end of the book project, I hired a second editor to give it a second overview.

The entire writing process required a great deal of discipline and patience. You must have a purpose when you're writing. It sure felt good to complete the project, although it really never feels complete. The purpose to heal your negative thoughts is what provided the motivation. This helps enormously when having to develop and release the revisions and updated versions for both the website and the book.

In addition, creating other forms of content for your educational review regarding the topic of positive energy. I feel that now is the time to expose the truth to you and show you how to heal your negative thoughts whether you're unemployed like I was, or full of negative anger.

The other reason why you're here is because you're looking to better yourself, your family, and, or your business life and take control of your destiny.

The moral of the story is to know that no matter what happens in life, you have the choice to make things right when situations are wrong. It's taking the bull by the horns and making the in-between sacrifices to get where you have to go. You must refuse to let people get in your way. Negativity  is not to be your option, it's an energy designed to be re-directed into positive energy.

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Find Out The Below (14) Energies Pertaining To The Areas You Can Be Helped and Restored.  Learn  How To Convert Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Energy Now!

 Positive and Negative Two Way

Your energies come from your:

  • Emotional Intelligence - the control you have over yourself 
  • Self-Esteem - the appraisal or worth of yourself 
  • Securities / Insecurities - measure of your stabilities 
  • Thought Process - using your mind for consideration 
  • Beliefs - your psychological state for truth 
  • Trust Issues - your confidence level of trust inside relationships with people 
  • Unforgiveness - your lack of genuine love from within your heart 
  • Past Problems - your reflection of things said or done yesterday 
  • Influence (Positive or Negative) - your energies gathered from sources 
  • Self-Confidence - your assurance of belief from within 
  • Anger / Frustrations - your negative energy from unresolved matters 
  • Self-Awareness - being aware of your individuality 
  • Attempts to Self-Destruction - inflicting harm upon yourself 
  • And Guilt - the state of being responsible for a negative action 

"The way you think daily defines the way you live daily." -J.M.

The thoughts derived from the mind are conceived from your perception. Inspirational quotes play a major role throughout life.

 FaceBook Proof 38

Here's A Testimonial From Adam S. Regarding   The Undiscovered You....

Adam Sicinski

"The Undiscovered You is an incredibly interesting book that contains many thought provoking insights. Every page of the book is practical and clever, forcing the reader to question their life and circumstances at ever deeper and more profound levels." -Adam Scinski, Founder of IQ Matrix, Life Skills Coach and Speaker, Melbourne, Australia

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You Must Understand From The Beginning, The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts Is A Hand-  Crafted Tool...

Your  3 major areas your life will benefit  from includes:

Splat 1Your Personal Life

Splat 2Your Family Life

Splat 3And, or Your Business Life

Self-help and personal development can help improve your psychological behavior. For instance: If entrepreneur's understood more about a person's thought process, the patterns of his or her lifestyle would become more recognizable. Therefore, it will be easier to prevent problems from re-occurring. Solutions become easier to find.

The Undiscovered You will help you transfer the energies of prosperity into your life through the laws of life. Healing Your Negative Thoughts is a seed. It is a seed meant to be planted on the soils of good loving people. You as person who's looking to be loved by other people who believe in going from good to great.

Here's my Good Friend and Author Guy Jazzy Rainey Who Came Down To Support Me and Show The Importance of The Undiscovered You Along Side His Book: The FACTS of Life...

Joseph Mercado-Guy Jazzy Rainey


Positive quotes are small fragments of advice comprised into philosophical wisdom extracted from personal, business, and family experiences from an assortment of people.

People every day read quotes from famous leaders and successors to help improve their lifestyle.

Do you think personal development quotes  are important?

If you don't, now is the right time to find out why quotes are critical when obtaining your next breath.

No matter who you are; there is one thing that remains the same. You and I both have areas in our lives that need improvement. It takes a humble person to admit that.

Let's face it, you are human. As a person, life is not easy in any way, shape, or form. There are certain times in our lives that we need a little extra inspiration or motivation in order to find the drive to press forward.

Psychological self-help quotes are one of the best influential tools available to you. Think of it as landscaping the garden inside your mind. You must plant a seed before you can develop a harvest. Quotes give you the personal growth required in order to find yourself. You must be willing to grab it and take charge of it!

FaceBook Proof 54

You could have all the unlimited determination you want; however, because of the trials and tribulations dealt with in life, you can lose it if your grip on success is not tight enough.

Some of the most edifying quotes thought of by geniuses like Albert Einstein. This is a man that had positive ambition. He always looked on the brighter side of things as opposed to focusing on the darker images of life.

Can you imagine if he gave up after his first failure or rejection? No-one would know who he is today.

FaceBook Proof 80

Once you have read and absorbed your first quote of influence, you have planted the seed of change. The desire for gain has to start with you.

Your mind is extremely powerful whether you know it or not. Changing the way you think is not something that happens overnight for most people. The majority takes time to develop and re-program the brain to create new ways of better thinking and living. You may have spent years believing you're not good enough at something and because of that time duration, it's going to take time to build.

Do you feel if that if you fail, people will laugh at you or lose respect for you?

Now it's your turn to pick up the broom and clear the cob webs from the ceiling of your mind. Who cares what other people think of you..... their negative thoughts are not going to reduce your stress. I recall hearing a statement from Les Brown, author and motivational speaker.... "You don't have to let other people's opinion of you become your reality." This is so true.

Here's a quick equation I thought may help you next time you want to think negatives...

Sour Thoughts + Sour Words + Sour Actions = Bitter Results.

Sometimes you will go day in and day out with the same old thoughts doing the same old thing. You think of how things would be different if you just did what you thought was right.

Now is the time to stop creating a circular pattern and discover new roads of thought and accomplishment. You must be willing to lay down the pavement to create the avenue.

Think about it for a minute, what is the worst thing that can happen to you if you go after what you really want in life? Let's say you want to start a new business, write a book about your experiences, or tell someone how you feel about them, you either do it, or you don't.

If not, then possibly you are missing out on your calling, or opportunity, or simply it's not meant to be. Continue finding your unique niche and work out its mechanics. Train your brain to see the benefits in every direction within every situation. It's one of the best ways to test yourself and move on with your life.

Michael Smith - The Undiscovered You

Making adjustments takes time, sacrifices, and creating change means making commitments. Starting with motivational quotes are one of the best places to start. The reason is because most of them are easy to remember. Quotes require exercise in order to work effectively. The energy you receive can guide you to levels of influence reflecting positive thoughts.

Allowing your fears to determine your future is not something you want to teach yourself or your children. So ask yourself, why are you allowing your own fears to prevent you from moving forward in life? You can achieve your dreams if you go after them and never give up!

Fighting back with positive thinking and being equipped with positive energy are two vital weapons in life, yet they're optional. It's up to you to use them. Don't beat yourself up if your success doesn't take place instantly. It will only make matters worse for you.

Not once, have I seen, nor heard of a new born birthed with gray or white hair. You don't start off old, you evolve at youth. Old age is a mentality, and gray hairs are simply an indication of wisdom accumulated. Facing and defeating your fears works the same way. It's a process, a course of action, and a procedure of movement.

You could have years of your own negative thoughts and possibly a few inherited by other people. As long as positive change is part of your daily, weekly, and or monthly ritual, each one of your problems can be transformed into life changing solutions.


 FaceBook Proof 24

Here Are (7) Off The Top Of My Head Thoughts Separating The Undiscovered You From Other Leading Self-Help Books In The Industry Or On The Book Shelf:

 Library of Positive Information

  • The Undiscovered You  is constructed to give you your very own personal library. No other self-help book on the market today offers this wide array of information inside one single book. 
  • Your workbook is the most unique, and personalized tool of  self-improvement  based on its influence  and its spirit led, positively  thought-  out quotes. 
  • The countless hours (dedicated time) and genuine love invested into the heart of this workbook is  100% sincere from me to you. 
  • The format and organization of detail provides images to the mind in order to help you understand life more easily  . 
  • Its math and science integrated with positive energy will reveal various solutions to life's most challenging problems. 
  • The puzzle pieces collected from experiences become your layers of motivation  created to help you get through the toughest of times. This is achieved by converting negative thoughts into positive, self-influence, and developing a humble attitude. 
  • The Undiscovered You is a conglomerated formula created to help you improve the necessary areas in your mind, body, and spirit while entering into life changing, positive practices.  

FaceBook Proof 48

You  CAN and WILL  change for the positive! 

In fact, your new book is so different, you will not find the pages broken down by chapters. You will notice each beginning section organized by what is classified as Keyword Quotes of Influence {K.Q.I.}. The reason for this format is because the mind conceives thoughts as a result of electricity. The current travels through waves and your intelligence is derived from the amount of positive ions you have charged inside your membranes.

Based on compiled details and proven studies from magazines like Scientific American and  Einsteins Theory of Relativity in conjunction with the law of conversational matter, energy is transitional. As previously mentioned, matter cannot be destroyed. Rather, it can be converted or transitioned into another state. 

FaceBook Proof 60

The energy encrypted within the upcoming pages of your new book are extracted directly from the senses of the mind, realms of the spirit, the states of self, and the states from someone or something positive, or a situation that started off negative and changed into a positive.

Possibly, a quote has cocooned a problem similar to what you may be going through right now. And the advice inside of it could be the answer you're looking for in order to prevail over your current situation.

FaceBook Proof 9

      Here's A Testimonial From Jennifer P.  Regarding       The Undiscovered You....

Jennifer Owen Procter

"Joseph Mercado's self-help book The Undiscovered You is a must read for anyone. Joseph's perspectives on life is beautiful and inspirational. I believe that anyone who claims this book will find it to be a treasured item to all who read it. I often refer to it on my worst and best days. Joseph is wise beyond his years. I want to thank you for giving the world a reminder of just how precious life is and encouraging people to focus on the positive. You have reminded me just how strong the power of positive thinking is and I will forever be grateful. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. I know your words are going to help change this world for the better." -Jennifer Owen Proctor, Printer, Patchogue, New York

 FaceBook Proof 73

You Will Find Yourself Being Fed With Words Of Encouragement Organized To Increase Your (7) Levels Of Leveraging Life!

Your 7 Levels of Leveraging Life include:

  • Love 
  • Trust 
  • Communication 
  • Integrity 
  • Leadership 
  • Wisdom 
  • Loyalty 

The Undiscovered You is your best kept thought for developing positive energy within your life. It was written for you to you help improve your levels and concepts of thinking.

Healing Your Negative Thoughts is not about negativity. It's about you and how your thoughts are compiled as a result of your perception and reception of reality and how you deal with the negatives. This is true according to life related matters. It's depicting the real and unreal lessons captivated inside the learning curves of life.

At the end of each quote, you will know how to conquer the negative situation and defeat stress at its root. This can be achieved by viewing life in a different, yet positive perspective. 

FaceBook Proof 96

The quotes you are about to read are proven statements from experiences, observations, and personal conversations. Positive, self-influence is far more powerful, and superior than negative injection.

Quotes are a form of motivation. Motivation is your internal energy that can extract other forms of positive energy such as life experiences. Quotes act as healing remedies to help you with your perception of reality. This is why metaphors and analogies can be planted inside quotes to bring forth energetic motivation.

You will find the information in your book organized exactly in the 11 bullets below:

  • Healing Your Negative Thought of Inspiration 
  • Quote Note 
  • Self-Help Psychology Question 
  • Keyword of Inspiration 
  • Quote Category 
  • Tags of Detail 
  • Universal Law of Instruction 
  • Book of Recommended Reading 
  • Quote of Fame 
  • Law of Replacement Example 
  • Biblical Scripture 

You also have the opportunity to write out your own thoughts at the end of each brain wave. It is strictly based on what you think in relation to the Positive Thought of Influence, Self-Help Question, Keyword of Inspiration, Universal Instruction of Direction, Book of Recommended Reading, or Quote of Fame.

Often, people will ask questions like...  "What is reality?"

In a nutshell of my neutral opinion: Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts determined by how well or how poor you compile each thought. This gives you the realistic image of your life. The way you see things in your mind is how you will see them outside of your mind.

FaceBook Proof 51

This question usually bounces off another question such as:

How far are you willing to travel inside the "rabbit hole," of information to determine your reality?

Approximately,  40% of the people will have a positive answer to this question whereas; 40% of the people will have a negative answer to this question. And 20% of the people will simply say they don't know. These statistics are estimated from personal experience, so don't quote me.

To be a part of the 40% bracket of positive people you must be familiar with the Areas of Life Encounter.

 FaceBook Proof 13

Personal Development Thoughts Are Knitted To Fit Your Inner Well-Being So You Can Become More Productive In Life

How is this done you ask? That's a very good question.

Thoughts are measured through what are called the:

10 Areas of Life Encounter {A.L.E.}

  • Fear 
  • Emotions 
  • Confidence 
  • Failure 
  • Critical Thinking Moments 
  • Decisions 
  • Taking Action 
  • Self-Experience 
  • Love 
  • And Achieving Success 

If opening your heart to someone would be considered number one on your list, then love would be your motivation to success.

It is the most valuable element of them all. Success to one person can mean love and happiness. Owning a million dollar home and a Yacht is how success is defined by another.

A person may construe the measurement of success by materialistic objects as a shallow perception of life. Many individuals who seem to "have it all," lack two of the most priceless ingredients, called love and happiness.

FaceBook Proof 43

If your decision(s) (thoughts finalized) reflect light as a result of mental refraction (bending of light inside your thought, reflecting a positive idea) then the possibility does exist that Healing Your Negative Thoughts is the direction intended for you.

The Undiscovered You can give you the foresight in your mind and spiritual influence to prevent negativity, before it attempts to take its position on, or in your life, and possibly take over. Redirecting negative energy is your ticket to a positive lifestyle. This clear vision now belongs to you.

If you accept the vision....

Your road to success will widen once you have opened your mind to the positive phrases and absorbed the influence.

You are both the reader of your new book and the reader of your life as well as the writer of your thoughts.

As I briefly touched on the term earlier, think of Keyword Quotes of Influence as individual volts and amperages of electricity passing through your universe (mind). This term identifies the process of psychological thought pattern before an action is engaged into physical reality.

 FaceBook Proof 12

Inside This AMAZING  Book, You Will Find Your (12)  Improved Positive Thoughts Made Into Inspirational Quotes!

Your 12 subjects of integrated interest include:

  • Your Mind 
  • Your Personal Development 
  • Your Psychology 
  • Your Spirit 
  • Your Motivation 
  • Your Self-Help 
  • Your Success 
  • Your Body 
  • Your Self-Confidence 
  • Your Patience 
  • Your Characteristic Behavior 
  • And Your Life Experience 

All of which have been included to bring forth to you this day, an improved formula to life mended into a process of healing negative thoughts. You will discover multiple forms of metaphors molded into quotes. I strongly suggest you use the necessary quotes as leverage to help you grow.

 FaceBook Proof 58

Here's A Testimonial From Dustin R. Regarding The Undiscovered You...


"This book captured my attention from the very first line. It has inspired me to continue on with my quest into spirituality and positive living. All of your quotes can be applied to many different aspects of daily life. Thank you very much for this valuable information." -Dustin M. Roswell, Electrician, Shirley, New York

FaceBook Proof 78

BEWARE!  The (7) Facts Of Life  That Other Self-Help Books and Mentors Don't Want You To Know, Or Know How To Tell You...

The following 7 Facts of Life include your:

  • Faith (Belief) 
  • Family (Relatives) 
  • Food (Health) 
  • Fitness (Exercise) 
  • Friendship (Peers) 
  • Finances (Money) 
  • And Freedom (Inner Peace) 

What exactly are metaphors and why should you use them when solving personal, family, or business problems?

According to, metaphors are a figure of speech in which a term of phrase is applied in order to suggest a resemblance.

And please note, metaphors are used to take the existing life out of one thing, compare it to another while giving it life.

You will discover the (4) Pillars and the (4) Subsidiary Pillars inside Healing Your Negative Thoughts (HYNT)

This allows you to form a properly structured thought pattern.

What is a properly structured thought pattern?

You thought of another excellent question.

A properly structured thought pattern is an alignment of positive thoughts geared to create an influence of positive flow and activity in and out of the channels of the your mind.

This activity is resulted from an impulsive charge, channeled from micro-bits of electric current inside the brain. That's right, thoughts are produced by electricity.

An example of this would be: A string of positive thoughts in direct line of communication with each other, connected on the same page of belief, and heading in the direction of positive or negative focus.

Darryl Jaye - The Undiscovered You

Quick Solution Tip:  If you want a good ideal method to help solve problems, take out a piece of scrap paper and draw a straight line down the middle. Write down your problems on one side and possible solutions on the other side. The second you do this is the same second your mind engages in an electronic charge for change. This is an example of a properly structured thought pattern.

If negative ions come in numbers, they demagnetize the positive energy waves related to states of electromagnetic fields producing positives. This causes entanglement in atmospheric, emotional pressure. Such pressure causes negative side effects.

Your 12 immediate side effects include:

  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Uncertainty 
  • Disbelief 
  • Negative Thinking 
  • Anger 
  • Hatred 
  • Regret 
  • Jealously 
  • Guilt 
  • Unforgiveness 
  • And more. 

By having pressure within your negative thinking, it can outweigh the strength inside your mind. metaphors can help prevent, or help resolve this kind of problem from overlapping.

When solving problems, writing out your thoughts allows you to 'see them' in the black and white. A metaphor or an analgy can help convert negative energy into positive, self-influence, or positive matter.

In order to accomplish this, you must be able to view life's circumstances at a perspective allowing you to make life more positive.

There comes a time where you need to tilt the mirror of life on a slight angle so the reflection of the sun provides enough heat from the light required to 'melt' your problem.

 FaceBook Proof 97

Did You Know? Analogies Play A Significant Role In The Following (8) Areas Of Your Life:

 Life Is Like An Analogy

  • Problem Solving with Your Thoughts 
  • Decision Making 
  • Perception 
  • Memory 
  • Creativity 
  • Emotions 
  • Communication 
  • And Explanation 

The ideas placed behind the basic task of developing quotes coincide mainly with the identification of people, objects, and places. For example: The objects you see within the places you visit or the perception of captivated gestures according to the language exposed on a person's face.

Your philosophy affects your daily lifestyle because of the way you train your mind on how to think when faced with problems. This ultimately determines how well you steer your inner ship of the self-image.

FaceBook Proof 83

If you have bitter thoughts, you end up lacking the wisdom to making better decisions in your personal, family, and, or business life.

A good way to convert bitter thoughts into pleasurable moments is by changing bad habits into good practices reflecting your thought behavior. People will recognize the positive changes about you.

If other people don't see it, don't worry, it's for your knowing only to realize the inspirational change from within yourself.

What are the applications of The Undiscovered You?

The applications of your info product are the self-help quotes applied by the quotes you choose to apply to your life. Each quote is constructed to help better yourself by using The Undiscovered You as a tool to build your life to higher levels for better living purposes.

FaceBook Proof 29 


What Markets Can Apply Healing Negative Thoughts To Their Mind-Set?

Here are (34) example markets your new book can be applied to when it coms to the mind...

  • Personal Development Speakers 
  • Self Help Authors 
  • Information Specialists 
  • Product Developers 
  • Network Marketers 
  • Real Estate Agents 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Home Based Business Owners 
  • Internet Marketers 
  • Import / Export Trade Agents 
  • Sales People 
  • Advertisers 
  • Copywriters 
  • Auctioneers 
  • Health and Fitness Coaches 
  • Mortgage Lenders 
  • Marketers 
  • Public Speakers 
  • Counselors 
  • Preachers 
  • Financial Advisors 
  • Military Leaders 
  • Retail Associates 
  • Distributors / Wholesalers 
  • Students at Universities / Colleges 
  • Employees 
  • Teachers 
  • Psychologists 
  • Writers 
  • Public Relations 
  • Affiliate Members 
  • Publishing Companies 
  • Motivational Speakers 
  • People with Personal, Family, or Business Problems FaceBook Proof 18 

What Immediate Problems Can The Undiscovered You Solve In Your Life?

Self-Help Psychology Black ChalkBoard

The Undiscovered You solves the immediate problem of having to submit yourself to negative energy resulted from negative thinking. You will learn how to convert the energy into positive, self-influence. A huge portion of dealing with matters is based on your perception of thought and how well you can handle an deal with each thought.

You'll learn how to mentally extract the positive energies from negativity and apply them to your life. Although negative thinking is normal, it's not meant for you to harbor on its inefficient energy. This can be achieved by various methods of imparting positive energy and influence into your mind.

 FaceBook Proof 20

Here's A Testimonial From Vincent F. Regarding The Undiscovered You....

Yoga Vincent Ferrer 

"Joseph Mercado's insight and wisdom are astounding! There isn't a subject in life that this books does not shed light on! Several lines of influence strengthens the soul with spiritual nourishment. Thank you Joseph for sharing with us all." -Vincent Ferrer, Founder of New Sage Yoga, Port Jefferson, New York 

FaceBook Proof 76

Take A Sample Sneak Peek At The Table Of Contents So You Get An 'Idea' Of The 'Influence' Stored Inside  The Undiscovered You:

Secret Scroll

Who you are, what you do, and who you are called to be...........32-34

Making a positive change..................................................................35-36

Calculating your next move..........................................................37-38

Defeating your problem....................................................................39-40

Changing the weather channel in your mind................................41-42

What is meant to be?.......................................................................43-44

Demonstrating your attainment..................................................45-46

Treating others with common courtesy............................................47-48

Ignoring the solution.....................................................................49-50

Giving the wrong attention................................................................51-52

Confusion within man...................................................................53-54

Storing data inside the hard drive of your mind..................................55-56

The gift of the mind......................................................................57-58

Discovering your path in life..............................................................59-60

Mastering your mind....................................................................61-62

Finding a penny of loose change......................................................63-64

The thoughts of man....................................................................65-66

Conquering yesterday's situation.....................................................67-68

Using 1 out of 4 seasons as a tool for self-help.........................69-70

Practice is the childhood of perfection..............................................71-72

The speech of a speaker..............................................................73-74

The astronomy to life......................................................................75-76

Internal and external representation.........................................77-78

A determined mind-set....................................................................79-80

Marketing the mind of an entrepreneur......................................81-82

Fixing broken thoughts....................................................................83-85

Personal development..................................................................86-87

Pollution of the mind........................................................................88-89

Taking advice from the right source............................................90-91

Making and correcting your mistakes................................................92-93

Molding a dead end into a freeway...............................................94-95

Check Out The Information Below About Stress and Psychological Self-Help In Its 'Dear Abby' Article Format...


Reducing Stress Through Self-Help Psychology and Heal Your Negative Thoughts

Dear Friend,

Did you know that you can reduce stress by using self-help psychology?

Stress is one of the deadliest emotions that cannot only kill you but it can prevent you from achieving many things that you want in life.

This is why understanding the psychology behind stress will help you to reduce the stress that you have.

The less stress that you have the more you can achieve and the better you can feel.

Think about what causes you to stress. Maybe it's not having enough success, accomplishment, money, or too much work that it seems overwhelming.

There are numerous things we get stressed about on a daily basis. It's doing more harm to you than anything else. Most of it is sub-conscious stress and you don't even realize it.

There is not enough room in this article to go into the complete psychological process behind stress.

But the main reason is that you worry about everything and only see the negative behind the situation. This kind of thinking develops stress and stress gives birth to disease. It's hard to find positive in something that doesn't really seem to be good.

It will take time to get used to but once you begin conditioning yourself to only see positive, it becomes a natural habit.

Does thinking with a better attitude and a positive mind-set really help?

Positive thinking is one of the key ingredients to improving many aspects your life and reducing your stress.

For example: when you are swamped at work it can quickly become overwhelming, but instead of looking at it as way too much work and not enough time you should look at it as an opportunity to advance in your career.

There is good in everything if you look hard enough. Sometimes you don't even have to look that hard, it's right under your nose.

The psychology behind the power of positive thinking is actually pretty amazing. If you believe that you can achieve something than there is nothing that is going to be
able to stop you.

You can find many self-help psychology books that will be simple enough for you to understand. It's also a good idea to find different things that you can adapt to that will help you to learn how to cope with the trauma.

One of the biggest stress relief tactics is to read a book, work out and staying in shape, distracting your mind with something you love doing like a hobby, and, or excercise your beliefs.

For instance; when you work out, your body releases natural endorphins. It's these endorphins that will help you to feel less stress.

Reading a good book helps you by supplementing your negative thoughts with positive information. This re-programs your subliminal state into a better way of thinking.

You can find many free helpful tips on-line by typing keyword related phrases into the search engines to reduce your stress level. It's not magic, but with some time and effort you will uncover and discover just how easy you can turn your stress into the very best!

Sincerest Regards,

Joseph Mercado












































Here Are Your (10) Immediate Features whrn You Claim Your Copy of: The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #1: The Undiscovered You is easy to understand, pleasant to read, well organized, and soothing to your mind.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #2: Your self-help quote book gives you positive thoughts of influence as daily vitamins for your spirit, mind, and body.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #3: Your AMAZING new book will help you solve problems in your life when it comes to personal, family, and business matters.

Featured Check Mark in BoxFeature #4: Your self-help psychology info product will teach you how to think more positive in life.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #5: You will be able to decrease the levels of stress in your life by applying the positive energy captivated inside the detail of quotes and addressing the necessary inspiration to your life.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #6: You will have a better view on life by rotating thoughts into a more productive outlook. This will allow you to enjoy life and find your inner peace from within you.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #7: You will be equipped with an 'Information Mall' that allows you to select your info tools to further your education in the necessary areas pertaining to increasing the levels of your thinking.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #8: You will learn how to develop and create your own self-help quotes of motivation while inheriting more positive energy. Be able to transfer it into yourself, and into the lives of other people around you.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #9: You will become a better person within the next 6 months and be an example to yourself, your family, your friends, and your co-workers.

Featured Check Mark in Box  Feature #10: You will be able to heal your negative thoughts into positive, self-influence while obtaining the gift to be a negative healer.

 FaceBook Proof 52

If you think the features are good, the B-E-N-E-F-I-T-S are even better!

And according to Internet statistics, 99.9% of people's most favorite radio station in the world is......

Internet Radio Station

W.I.I.F.M = What's In It For Me!

So, on that note..... take a closer look at the 'Bulleted Benefits' below and get a better view and understanding of what The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts really can do for you. It's what you need to know if you're going to help yourself!

 FaceBook Proof 8

Here Are Your (33) Bulleted Benefits and Given Abilities When You Claim Your Personalized Book Of The Undiscovered You:

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to remove unwanted depression, reduce your stress level, not feel guilty about situations, and attract a positive lifestyle to your atmosphere of living.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to control your own destiny and attract the lifestyle you vision in your mind by feeding off the right energy.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to increase the levels of your spirituality and become the best person you truly want to be in life.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to face your fears and defeat them by conquering the stress in your life resulted from the information given to you inside The Undiscovered You!

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to extract positive energy from people, objects, and thoughts made from detailed observations.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to positively influence other people around you by acquiring the skills of a humble attitude. You will win more friends in your life as a result of changing your ugly attitude into a positive attitude.

Featured Check Mark in BoxYou will be able to reduce the stress levels in your life so you can live a healthier, longer, and spend better quality time with your family and friends. And also help others who are in demand of your positive energy.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will discover how metaphors are usefully used in conversations to view negative situations at a positive angle.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to take authority over your problems so you can diffuse matters more quickly and easily. This is called a 'Negativity Level Reducer.' You must be able to learn the process of reduction before implementing the process of elimination.

 Featured Check Mark in Box  You will become more self-motivated as a result of the positive energy stored inside the life changing quotes. The Undiscovered You will boost your level of determination in order to achieve your goals.

Featured Check Mark in Box  You will learn from real-time experience in life that will help you avoid falling into the traps of deception.

Featured Check Mark in Box  You will be able to cancel out different forms of negativity from your life using metaphors that include people, thoughts, or objects that may be keeping you from being the best person you can possibly be throughout your journey.

Featured Check Mark in Box  You will be able to transform negativity and let it bring the best out of you, and not get the best of you.

Featured Check Mark in Box  You will learn how to effectively deal with your business problems so that you don't bring them home causing family issues and uninvited stress or influence into your house.

Featured Check Mark in Box  You will discover how and why metaphors and parables are highly effective in public speaking when used to create self-help quotes helping people understand your viewpoint.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to use personal development sayings to help heal the burdens nesting in your mind and the barriers initiated from poisoned emotions. This by itself will help you become a better person.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to find out the key, self-help psychology questions required to ask yourself the right questions in order to detect your core inner issues. This benefits your methods of thinking. If you don't know the right questions to ask yourself, how will you ever escape the problems you're confronted with? The Undiscovered You answers this question and provides you with the details.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will become a positive thinker and develop an arsenal of influence, winning battles against negative thoughts from either yourself or from other people.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will discover The 7 Facts of Life, how they are critical to your life, and how they become part of your daily solutions to various problems faced on a momentary basis.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to detect negativity from a remote distance before it attempts to knock you off your balance beam of focus. This will prevent problems from building and stress from killing you.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be able to intercept spiritual wickedness before it captivates and saturates your mind-set leading you into the dead-end streets of life. You can prevent yourself from taking wrong directions. You are to enjoy life, acknowledge your inner peace, find your purpose and full-fill it.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will learn how to dismantle negative energy inside the emotion of anger and rotate its purpose into a more meaningful state of academic influence. The will prevent you from getting high-blood pressure and reacting in an inappropriate manner.

 Featured Check Mark in BoxYou will be able to leverage your failures and turn them into beams of success even if you recently failed at something. You'll learn how to use failure as a stepping to success and allow it to be your lifting point to your next level in life.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will be exposed on how to love yourself, love others, forgive yourself, and forgive other people. This is an act of unconditional love.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will develop a higher level of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will discover how to take your past problems and use them to create future solutions to prevent previous matters from re-occuring.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will increase your level of emotional intelligence and become the most influential person you can be according to who you are destined to be.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will know how to trust yourself, and the people in your life who are worthy of being trusted for. It will enhance your relationships with family, friends, and business partners.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will learn how to plant the positive seeds of life and know how to remove the negative weeds of strife.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will you be able to manage the 3 Boomerangs of Interference and reign over your Problems, Obstacles, and Challenges.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will discover an integrated formula mended by elements of life inside your reality bringing you a self-help system designed to help improve your spirit, mind, and body.

Featured Check Mark in Box You will know how to have full-control over your life and know what to do when faced with negative thoughts and negative matters.



"Check Out This Quote & Conversation   On FaceBook Just Moments Ago Demonstrating the Exchange Of Positive Energy Between Two People Proving Positive Influence Is A Two-Way  Street, Not A One-Way Avenue!"

FaceBook Arrow Blue

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Here's A Testimonial From Nicole N. Regarding  The Undiscovered You....


  "Your book is absolutely amazing! I'm taking a stress-management class and I'm learning the exact same concepts. Your book is totally beneficial, and if your readers take it seriously and apply the concepts, they CAN and WILL improve their thinking as it did for me. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your second book."  -Nicole Nardolillo-Ivory, Las Vegas, Nevada

FaceBook Proof 56

How Does The Undiscovered You Differ From Other Leading  Self-Help Books On The Market?

Self Help Books

The Undiscovered You is different from other leading self-help books. Simply for the reason that your workbook educates you and gives you examples on The Law of Replacement.

No other book does that! It's friendly and personal approach makes it extremely easy for you to read. In addition, it contains a wide range of information pertaining to piles of self-knowledge. It also has multiple tools within one single arsenal of thinking for self-improvement purposes.

It gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level and helps you transform negative thoughts into positive results. You'll be able to obtain the ability to defeat the negatives you face in life. 

Aside from The Undiscovered You's differences, it too proves its attributes have not yet been revealed by the competition. As a result of the metaphorical, rigorous teaching methods disclosed through distinct angles of thought, energy waves, keywords, objects, people, and places--this is what defines its uniqueness and your ability to become more positive. It is a strategy accomplished through psychological self-help.

 FaceBook Proof 23

Joseph Mercado-Barnes and Noble

Who On Earth Is Joseph Mercado and Why Should I Trust Him and His Book?


Joseph Mercado-Mama

I believe trust is a keyword in business today. I'm asking you to read my new book called  The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts Using The Law of Replacement.

I also ask for you to give me your trust in exchange for trusting you and giving you the content you're looking for inside of the mind-set material. As a self-published author of a self-help book, it is my objective to do the right thing by you.

Your new book The Undiscovered You specializes in educating you how to heal and redirect your negative thoughts. You will also find out how positive influence helps you based on the fact you truly want to be helped.

Influence is one of the greatest resources available to the mind of humanity. It's something we encounter every day whether it's positive or negative.

And yes, that is my grandmother in the above picture who came to support me at the Barnes and Noble book signing event.

Healing Your Negative Thoughts will help you become a better person by adapting to the creation of metaphors shaped into quotes while emitting a comfortability of inspiration into your life. The reason why you ought to trust me, is simply because it's sincerely purposed in my heart to help you succeed by transforming your problems into solutions.

Replacing negatives with a positive is a key secret inside the brain. Use the gift of love to replace anything of the negate state. Loving people like yourself is something that has to be genuine, demonstrated, and not just said by words, but applied by affirmative action.

The Undiscovered You is a self-help, personal development tool carefully stitched together to make life easier and more enjoyable for you. This is why it's important to trust your new book so you can become a better person and use the information to strengthen your emotions and the areas within your spirit, mind, and body. This is what life is about, love, forgiveness, and unity.

 FaceBook Proof 89

Here's A Testimonial From Jennifer T. Regarding The Undiscovered You...

Jennifer Tessa

 "Wow! I must say your book really inspired me to keep going in life with a positive attitude. I have had so much negativity over the years, but with a book like this, I can already see results and the positive outcomes ahead. Thank you for sharing your experiences." -Jennifer Tessa, Lake Grove, New York

 FaceBook Proof 51

The Value Of The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts Is More Valuable Than You Think!

I can easily sell this book for $97.00 not including the additional 5 bonus gifts you get for FREE worth $621.00. The value of The Undiscovered You is 7X's more valuable than what is offered.

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The question is...

What's your life worth to you? Is it worth more than $39.95?

I would certainly hope so.

How about thinking about it like this: It costs $20 to go to the movies, not including popcorn, a drink, and some candy. Or, if you're a Starbucks coffee lover, 4 Grande Latte's will cost you about $20! How about a deluxe car wash, or just to put a few gallons of gas in your car. Do you see the point here? It all adds up individually to the price of what The Undiscovered You is giving you. You'll be able to heal your negative thoughts for under $30.00!

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Finally! Here Are (5) Used-to-Be Problems Attached With (5) Current Solutions...

Reason #1: Facing the Facts of Life

Let's face it, after high school and college, life resulted in getting up in the morning, going to work, paying the bills, and sometimes relaxing at night. It was very difficult growing up at a young age. There came many times where you have to make quick decisions which is depended upon your discipline to reach the next level in your life. In the back of my mind, I felt that it wasn't that bad, other people are going through much worse situations. These thoughts motivated me to take action.

Facing the facts is not easy when you think you have a better plan than life. After you've reached a certain stage, you either get the curtains lowered in front of you, or you become the center of attention.

I clearly recall at 19 years old, my father and I made an agreement. The agreement was that I worked full-time at his job (Symbol Technologies), I would get a new car for sticking to the commitment. To make a long story short, one day at work back in the warehouse, a fellow co-worker told me someone had just broken into my father's van.

Immediately I ran outside to see what happened, and I noticed there was nothing wrong with his vehicle. Out from the side of it, comes my father and shouts 'SURPRISE' and while tossing me the brand new set of keys to a new 1999 Black Chevy S-10 LS Xtreme, extended cab pick-up truck. I was totally shocked and amazed that I received what we had talked and agreed upon. The deal was that I make the monthly payments and continue working at Symbol while finishing trade school.

The part where you have to face the facts in life is when you know you have expenses and responsibility every month. And the expenses are affiliated with your credit. Your credit is a mandatory resource throughout life. Regardless, you have responsibility and a commitment.

The solution here is this: If you work hard at something, stick to your word the way my father did, you can have whatever you want because the core principles apply the same way throughout different agreements. Remember, it's one thing to have something or someone, it's another to keep them.

Reason #2: Understanding Your Weak Habits

Understand something, you and I both have weak habits, or things we are not naturally talented at. I'm sure you have a few things about yourself you can brush up on in order to become more of a better person each day.

It's about recognizing your weakness and converting them into strengths after they've become recognized. And if you don't understand your habits, you won't be able to know how they got there, and how to change them. This is an important understanding of life. For instance: You may be easily distracted or diverted. If so, this poor habit can be a hindrance to your path of success.

Writer's block is sometimes a weakness for writer's who get distracted and fall off the balance beam of focus. Being aware and the understanding your weak points is the exact point you are in position to mold it into a strength. When I first started writing, writer's block was a problem. My solution was thinking about how if I keep on going and get the book completed, it would be that much sooner this book would land in your hands, and your negative thoughts can experience healing!

If you line up your priorities pertaining to your circumstance, you create more patterns of strength than you do patterns of weaknesses. Converting energy is a skill that requires you to be aware of the negatives as well as you are with the positives.

The solution here is this: If you keep your eyes and mind focused on the prize ahead, distraction will not be a problem for you. This is true if you don't lose sight of your goals. Think about your family and loved one's. Let them be the motivating factor. The energy stored within provides you with the motivational burst needed to spring back up and ignore the distractions of negative influence.


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Reason #3: Learning to Accept Rejection

Who likes to be rejected? No-one from the last time I checked. Their is something that triggers emotions within the negative state. It's like an automatic switch released to set off the time clock to disappointment. Most people have a problem with hearing the answer No! They don't like it because they feel unimportant or ignored.

As times goes one, you realize that sometimes in life you must battle the negatives in order to get the positives. Some people are doing you a favor by telling you no. It can prevent you from getting smothered with their negative energy. You must use rejection as a leveraging device to reach your success.

It takes mental discipline to accept rejection and a humble attitude to sift through the 'No's' and achieve the answer 'Yes.' It's a numbers game and you just have to be willing to play the numbers.

The solution here is this: Convert the rejection into acceptation, and you won't feel as rejected, or rejected at all. It's all about how you perceive the matter. This thought in-take is applied to your mind, whether you're a person of greatness, an entrepreneur working from home, or an employee at a corporate office.

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Reason #4: Taking Control of Your Stressful Emotions

Having full control of your inner emotions can be stressful and difficult to manage. If you dissect your problems that don't require the process of dissecting, you may see it more than what is really is. As a result, your mind can deepen the situations if you let it. If your inner emotions take control of you, they will eat up your internal organs like an insect on a green leaf.

To be in control of your emotions, you must remove negativity out of your mind. If you don't have positive influence, it will be complicated to be the best 'you.' The consequences are discouragement and then depression due to the complications of letting the negativity manifest into a greater degree. You must deplete this possibility by canceling out the negatives.

You can tackle this problem by simply looking at each task in a more fun, exiting, and enjoyable way, instead of questioning its reason. Don't complain and get all bent out of shape. Take control of your inner emotions by not beating yourself up. You want to avoid the pressure from overwhelming you to the point of heart palpitating stress. Quickly deflate the negative pressure!

You will learn that when you do things gracefully and willingly, success happens more easily and calmly. The more you practice the majesty of calmness, the less emotional you become.

The solution here is this: Don't entertain the negatives and create an abrupt behavior, otherwise you'll be miserable once the emotion of anger gets a hold of you. Avoid submitting your mind to negative influence and positive results will mount in your favor.

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Reason #5: Battling the Thoughts of Negativity in Your Mind

Every day you wake up, stay in bed for about 10 minutes (don't touch that snooze button). Think about tackling the things on your to-do-list. And if you don't have a to-do-list, create one.

In the mean time, as your eyes are still halfway closed, get your mind prepared for the things needed to be accomplished for the day. Think of the things that motivate you. For example: If you have children, let them be your motivation.

And if you don't have any children, get up anyway and make it a focal point to do something great that you've never done before. You'll have a positive process to reflect upon.

Again, I repeat, make sure you do your absolute best not to entertain negative matters. If you do, you will find yourself making adverse decisions. The longer you wait to heal the matter, the harder it will be to conquer your situation.

You must tell yourself you are an over-come of your thoughts. Let the mind over matter formula be the key to help you prevail no matter how hard it rains. Maintaining this kind of thought process is success within itself.

The solution here is this: The moment a negative thought enters into your mind, is the exact split second when you replace the negative thought with a positive thought. The universe has a law for this.....

It's called The Law of Replacement.

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Here's A Testimonial From Joe A. Regarding  The Undiscovered You....

 Joe Muso-Donald Trump

     "Joe, I really enjoyed reading your book. Your true life stories were very powerful. I was able to adapt to the experiences instantly! It was very inspiring, enlightening, and up-lifting. I highly recommend The Undiscovered You: Healing Your Negative Thoughts to everybody that wants a positive change in their life."  -Joe Acovski, Business Owner, Network Marketer, Cornelius, North Carolina

  The Undiscovered You Book Cover

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If you hesitate or even procrastinate on taking a stand right now, you may end up blowing the solutions out the palm of your hands. You don't have to be a victim to your negative thoughts or problems ANYMORE!

  Here's A Testimonial From Jennifer D. Regarding The Undiscovered You...

Jennifer Dolce 

"Let me start by saying I never actually believed in "self-help" books. I am one of those people who believed no book can actually change your life. Well, take it from this non-believer, I must admit, I am wrong. Joseph Mercado came into my life unexpectedly. Our talks about life over time were so intense and I shared many hurtful experiences about my life with him. Even though it pained me to let out the real deep secrets I held so deep down inside, a part of me wanted to let it out. Basically, I felt so lost and not in control of anything in my life. I have had many times when I really was at the point of giving up. Sometimes it's hard to hear the phrase "you need help." I would push people away and be distant in order to protect myself, by that I mean my heart. I shared my stories with Joseph, rather than judge me, he listened without interruption and when I cried, he was that shoulder I leaned on. His spirituality is immense, and I was moved by his kind words and insight into why I felt the way I did. One day, Joseph gave me a copy of his book. At a first glance, I thought to myself, is this going to impact me? "I doubt it" is what ran through my head initially. So, even though I was hesitant, I started to read the words this man wrote. I could not stop reading his book. I surprised myself that I actually read the whole thing. It was then I realized it's time to let the painful past go and choose to be happy because I control my destiny. I remembered something he told me before anything, "you need to find yourself." The Undiscovered You has influenced me to find myself. I'm not yet near finished on my journey. The one factor once missing I know I can say I have is that I am now able to love the way I have always wanted to, and for that love to be returned if not equally, greater than I could have imagined. I'm learning to take one day at a time and be grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me. With everything that I am and everything that I will be, it was Joseph Mercado who helped me see the light. He is an inspiration to me and to all those around him. I know that trusting is difficult, but from this, once lost young woman; I suggest you read on, and see for yourself the changes that are in store for you." -Jennifer Dolce, Marketing Manager, Web Designer, Huntersville, North Carolina

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Self-Help Tool Shed

Self-Help Psychology ToolBox

Self-Help ToolBox Bonus #1: Positive Thinking Software - Your Daily Inspiration - Your Positive Thinking Software will allow you to view your inspiration on your personal computer. You will have the option to set it at your time of convenience. For example: If you want to read your quotes of positive influence beginning at 7:00 a.m. you can set the time using the option tab or change it to the time you want the quotes to arrive. So every morning you'll receive a different quote of influence for 79 days. You will also have one of the worlds most intelligent icons sharing the thoughts of positive influence with you. Who is it? It's a secret and I can't tell you. If you look at the screen shot below, I had to mask the identity of the famous icon. The reason is so you have something to look forward to. You'll have to find out who it is when you receive and install your software. This untapped source of energy and information will fill your life with influence, inspiration, intellect, and will help guide your vehicle of life in the right direction. It will help you avoid dead-end streets. You will also receive your new DQMOT book via digital pdf format giving you the e-book version. Inside the digital copy you'll be able to have access to theInformation Mall. The monthly membership cost to this underground mall of informative details is $47.00 and it's YOURS ABSOLUTELY FREE! Once you obtain The Undiscovered You, you will be given a key to the secret storage shed and find your software hidden underneath your welcome mat!

DQMOT Positive Thinking Software

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Self-Help Psychology ToolBox

Self-Help ToolBox Bonus #2: Your 90 Day Self-Help Mentor In-A-Box - Live Person - Your one-of-a-kind coaching service will give you the opportunity to have the author personally and professionally walk you through a particular situation you are dealing with in life. That's right, I will hand feed you solutions based on my experiences and teach you directly how thinking positive is more effective in life than thinking negative. You will be allotted 24 hours throughout the course of 3 months. This breaks down to 2 hours per week of personal mentoring. You have the opportunity in this toolbox to be personally coached by someone who's escaped death more than 7X's, encountered thousands of problems, observed and tested millions of solutions from personal experience and other people. If you're given a one-time opportunity to make your life better, just one 60 minute phone conversation could be the one thing that helps you think a little different, make a small change, and achieve maximum results! It's called Motivational Marketing, a sector of self-help. You must know how to market your mind through your thoughts first when conversing with people or dealing with problems. This term reflects your mind as the product, your thoughts as the services, and the motivation within is the energy you inherit and exert. This is a $997.00 value and it's YOURS ABSOLUTELY FREE! Take advantage of this tool and let it be your secret weapon to dominating your fears and better dealing with your problems, and reposition the negative influence in your life.

Self-Help Coach In-A-Box

Here's A Testimonial From William Roberts...

"Let me say first off that usually I am pretty shy and laid back. I don't get excited very often. Now that was before our meeting of yesterday. After the meeting, I was charged up and if I wasn't an old man, I'd be jumping out of the seat doing cartwheels. Joseph had all the inner juices flowing wanting to get out and move and do something. The spirit so to speak. I know how the Duracell bunny feels now. Thanks my friend!"  -William Roberts, Norman Park, Georgia

Self-Help Psychology ToolBox

Self-Help ToolBox Bonus #3: Your  MindMill Formula Using The WindMill Metaphor - Live Video Tutorial - Your MindMill Formula is a process of thought that breaks down the energy waves created from inside the brain. These waves are generated by electricity which produce thoughts. And thought are continuously created by micro-bits of voltage and amperage. The details of information explained in this formula really provides you with a thorough insight on how the mind works in conjunction with your thoughts and how they transition into actions, triggered by your emotions. It's a priceless dissection of life that maps out the core specifics in a short, concise, and easy to understand manner. Although some of the terms are technical, the metaphors used to elaborate on the functions, make it easy to absorb the information. You will be able to view it more than one time at your convenience. Once you have an understanding of how your mind works, you'll be able to understand how and why you do the things you do. Therefore, allowing you to become more aware of yourself and being able to fix your problems through self-help and thinking more positive so you can be more focused on the important aspects of your life. Your MindMill Formula using The WindMill Metaphor is valued at $47.00 and it's YOUR ABSOLUTELY FREE!

 "The 'W' in WindMill if spun upside down spells MindMill. It is the Windmill that circulates the birth of thoughts to the mind. The Mill inside the Mind is what creates energy waves. And without the energy waves within thought, you won't know the equations to life and obtain a mind full of motivation, providing you with an overflow of abundance." -Joseph Mercado 

Self-Help Toolbox

Self-Help ToolBox Bonus #4: Self-Sabotage  Mind-Map Blueprint - Laminated PDF Document -   What is mind mapping? Mind Mapping is a visual information, organizational tool that allows you to structure, manage, memorize, arrange, brainstorm, and learn specific details in a highly specialized, yet tactful way. It is a method that was introduced by Tony Buzan who is the author of The Mind Map Book released in September of 1993. The Self-Sabotage Pattern Blueprint  was created by Adam Sicinski, a Visual Thinking Consultant and mind-mapping craftsman of thought formulas from Australia. His ingeniusly created blue print will help you organize the pattern of thoughts in your mind related to states of thought, emotions, and forms of related influence. This tool of organization is designed to eliminate self-sabotage in your life. It's the reason why you have difficulty conquering your negative thoughts and encountering a positive lifestyle. The more structured your mind-set is, the more you'll avoid falling into the traps of negative thinking. Your pdf document is YOURS ABSOLUTELY FREE to print and view at your own convenience. You will also receive your blueprint laminated for an in-depth professional appearance. Also to hold something in your hands and be worry-free of damaging your document while you study your map. Add the Self-Sabotage Mind-Map tool to your creativity closet. It will help you to transition your negatives into a more positive, dependable state of well-being, if you practice it and apply it. You must gain control over your negative emotions today!

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Self-Help Toolbox

Self-Help ToolBox Bonus #5: Personal Growth Mind-Map Blueprint - Laminated PDF Document -  The  Personal Growth Blueprint was created by Adam Sicinski, a Visual Thinking Consultant and mind-mapping craftsman of thought formulas from Australia. His crafty blueprint will help you increase the levels of your personal development related to positive energy, increasing your emotional intelligence, becoming an inspiration, setting goals, being self-motivated, achieving greater heights of achievement. This tool of prosperity is created to prevent negativity from entering into your mind. It's the understanding as to why you have a hard time dominating your negative habits and developing an entity of freedom. The more situated your mind-set is, the more you'll avoid stumbling blocks and trip wires. Your pdf document is YOURS ABSOLUTELY FREE for you to print and view at your own leisure. You will also receive your blueprint laminated in an executive format. You can also hold it in your hands and be worry-free of damaging your document while you study your map of growth. Include the  Personal Growth Mind-Map  tool to your treasure box of self-improvement. It will benefit you when converting your negatives into a more enjoyable, happier and humble attitude. Growing your inner person is like taking a bath, you must exercise the habit daily and routinely. 

Personal Growth Mind Mapping

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Sincerest Thoughts,

Joseph Mercado

Joseph Mercado

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If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It!


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"Helping yourself is the first step towards self-help." -Joseph Mercado

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 The Undiscovered You Book


  Here's A Testimonial From Billy R. Regarding    The Undiscovered You....

William Reuter 

"As a Self-Defense Coach, I am always referencing motivational quotes to empower my clients. Joseph Mercado's book The Undiscovered You is a real treasure. It is jam packed with life enhancing quotes that are easy to understand and more importantly apply to your everyday life. Do yourself a favor and invest in this book. It will positively impact your life. Thank you Joe, this book is a true gift to the world." -Billy Reuter, Elite Self-Protection, Inc., Holbrook, New York

The Undiscovered You Book


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